Bevan Wellfield and Associated Works

Groundwater resources offset peak and emergency water demands

Due to the urgent need for an additional water supply source, the Environmental Assessment Office allowed the city to develop a groundwater well.

Based on the report, they would need four groundwater wells, each producing 75 L/s, to produce the required capacity of 25 MLD (300 L/s).

The Environmental Assessment Office allowed the City to undertake the development of one groundwater well with an operational capacity not exceeding 75 L/s. This would operate while the environmental assessment process was underway and prior to the development of the three remaining wells.

We ran a hydraulic model which determined that each well pump would need to produce 82 L/s at 90m total dynamic head. Each well required a 125 HP pump.

The project included:

  • Back-up power
  • On-site sodium hypochlorite generation
  • Chloramination using aqua-ammonia
  • PLC control with SCADA communications