Design Manual for Slow Sand Filtration

Assessing feasibility, design, construction and operations

The American Waterworks Association Research Foundation commissioned us to produce a manual to help engineers achieve desired production and performance levels.

It uses the Opus DaytonKnight designed 100 Mile House and Moricetown Slow Sand filtration plants as examples of successful installations.

Although slow sand filtration technology has been widely used in Europe since the early 1800s, its use in North America has been limited. New regulations requiring all surface water systems to filter to ensure removal of Giardia cysts has renewed interest in slow sand technology.

Extensive research over the past 10 years has documented the ability of this technology to remove cysts and other particles. However no public document has provided the appropriate level of engineering information to design, construct and operate a slow sand filter to meet the level of treatment performance specified in the new regulations.

We tailored the document to meet the needs of civil engineers who are considering slow sand filtration. The manual provides the necessary guidance to design a slow sand facility.