Gloucester Sanitary Lift Station

Mechanical and electrical focus

Aging components, the availability of new technology and an increase in flows due to development meant an upgrade was needed.

The station discharges through a 400mm diameter forcemain into a manhole approximately 6200m south of the station.

The mechanical upgrade included the supply and installation of:

  • An electromagnetic flowmeter in the existing forcemain, including piping, precast manhole, and drainage piping
  • A third 130 HP submersible pump together with a discharge unit and connection to the existing discharge header
  • A sluice gate valve on the existing partition wall inside the wet well

The project also included the construction of four cover plates on the existing openings, with open/close mechanism to allow for isolation of each of the two wet well sections.

The electrical upgrades included the supply and installation of a new solid state starter unit within the existing empty motor control centre (MCC) section.