Kent Institution Pumphouse

Upgrading the Kent Institution Pumphouse

We were the principal consultant for this project. The pumphouse contains two separate pumping systems that provide peak hour and fire flows to Kent Institution and Mountain Institution.

Peak time flows to Kent and Mountain Institutions are provided separately with a pair of 10 L/s, 15 HP submersible pumps. These are located in the pump station in a wetwell and pump to the independent pressure zones.

Two listed 100 HP vertical turbine fire pumps provide 63 L/s (1000 usgpm) fire flows to Kent Institution. One is driven by an electric motor and the other by a diesel engine. A submersible jockey pump located in the wetwell is used to maintain Kent Institution fire system pressure.

All three pumps are controlled by fire pump controllers. The fire pump installations are per NFPA 20. Fire flows to Mountain Institution are provided by an existing fire pump which was upgraded with a new fire pump controller.

Chlorine pumping equipment is provided to maintain the chlorine residual in the reservoir and in the water pumped to Kent and Mountain Institutions. 12% sodium hypochlorite is injected based on flowmeter readings.

The system uses a PLC based controller to provide monitoring and control of the system.