Improving facilities to make places more walkable

We developed a method to rank neighbourhoods and their need for sidewalks based on physical, traffic and land use characteristics.

The aim for the City of Victoria was to complete their pedestrian network to continue being one of the most walk-able cities in Canada. Opus developed a Pedestrian Master Plan for the City of Victoria that would align with the City's mission "to maintain and enhance the quality of life". The Master Plan would form the City's long-range policy on increasing the popularity and safety of walking within the City. 

Opus completed extensive engagement with residents through open houses, online surveys and a meeting with the Advisory Transportation Committee. Opus also performed best practice interviews with comparable North American cities.

The Master Plan consisted of three main results: policies, network improvements and a prioritization strategy. Policies were given for mode split targets, safety, funding, design standards and accessibility. The study used GIS plus the Opus award winning and proven methodology on priority ranking, to produce an index of sidewalks that should be built and their priority. Opus presented the City with a map of pedestrian improvements that were prioritized based on their potential to increase walking activity and on their current condition.