• Thierry Chicoine

    P.Eng - North Vancouver, BC

    Thierry is our Senior Bridge Engineer and Team Lead.

    He has 15 years experience in design and evaluation of highway, rail, pedestrian and resource bridges.

  • Prerna Sohal

    Prerna is our Bridge Engineer.

    She has 10 years experience in design of Bridges, MRTS and elevated expressways, bridge repair and retrofit. 

  • Frankie Fu

    P.Eng - North Vancouver, BC

    Frankie is our Bridge Engineer.

    He has 10 years experience in design of highway and railway bridges, bridge inspection, load rating and rehab. 

  • Andrew Roth

    P.Eng - Terrace, BC

    Andrew's expertise lies in Bridge Engineering, Inspections and Surveys.

    He has 8 years experience in inspection, evaluation and design of resource bridges and surveying. 

  • Milad Khorsani

    P.Eng - North Vancouver, BC

    Milad is our Bridge Engineer. 

    He has 6 years in medium to large span bridges, Bridge evaluation and rehabilitation. 

  • Alyson Dean

    Alyson is a Bridge Engineer.

    She has 4+ years of experience in design and load rating of bridges.

  • Tracy MacDonald

    P.Eng - Fredericton, NB

    Tracy is our Senior Bridge Engineer.

    She has 20 years of experience in Bridge design tendering, maintenance, load rating, inspection and project and asset management. 

  • Nicola Cordoni

    Nicola is our Graduate Bridge Engineer.

    His specialization is in Finite Element modelling of concrete bridges. 

  • Sean Snowden

    P.Eng - Sherwood Park, AB

    Sean is our Manager of Transportation Infrastructure.

  • Rob Lonson

    P.Eng - Sherwood Park, AB

    Rob is our Vice President of Engineering.