Road Design

Road design encompasses traffic engineering, geometrics & road safety

We work with a range of clients including government and transport agencies to create road networks and systems that are efficient to build and manage, and safe to use.

Opus’ road design teams have extensive expertise in applying geometrics and civil 3D to a range of roading infrastructure projects. There are many applications of our skills in this area, from providing design, documentation and construction management for everything from highway interchanges and intersections, to passenger ferry terminals and toll plazas.

Our key clients include government agencies in Canada and the US, regional and local municipalities, Transport Canada, and First Nations communities. We also work with private developers, utility providers, and organisations such as the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

We design and implement transportation solutions that are customized to each location and community, and client need. Our transport specialists are based in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Detroit, Fredericton and Halifax.

Our experience in Canada and the United States

Our road design services can be split into two key focus areas – traffic engineering and road safety.

Traffic engineering

  • Data analysis
  • Traffic and performance measures forecasting
  • Intersection and network modelling in Synchro/SimTraffic and Sidra
  • Signals optimisation
  • Capacity analysis
  • Transit priority analysis
  • Pedestrian delay analysis
  • Traffic calming design and analysis
  • Traffic and pedestrian warrants
  • Traffic management/control plans
  • ITS

Road safety

  • Road safety audits
  • Road safety training
  • In-service reviews
  • Network screening
  • Development and evaluation of improvement options
  • Conflict/collision studies
  • Policy and literature reviews
  • Safety input planning
  • Railroad crossings
  • Speed studies